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The ALSB provides support and opportunities for members to share their scholarship and teaching excellence, providing value not only to academics, but to business leaders, jurists, legislators and regulators.


The ALSB fosters a deeper understanding of the role of law and ethical behavior in business and in society, and supports teaching excellence, through its dissemination of scholarship in three peer-reviewed journals: the American Business Law Journal, the Journal of Legal Studies Education, and the Journal of Business Law and Ethics Pedagogy.

To appreciate the impact and value of legal studies research, see “Special Report: Legal
Scholarship in Business Schools,” published in the ABLJ.

Annual International Conference

The annual conference provides a valuable opportunity for scholars and teachers to engage with and learn from each other, and to disseminate fundamental and pedagogical research. Visit our Celebration page to learn more about the 2024 Centennial Conference in Washington, DC, August 5-11, 2024.

Teaching Excellence

Pedagogy-focused panels and presentations are vital components of every annual conference. The plenary Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher Competition is a meeting highlight, where faculty members share methods and means for innovative, student-focused teaching. View information about past competitions HERE.


The ALSB supports its members’ success by offering both research and teaching mentorships, available to faculty members at any stage of their career. Contact Professor Eric Yordy at the Northern Arizona University for details. Eric.Yordy@nau.edu

Communities of Interest

ALSB Sections create communities that can help faculty find and engage with those who have similar interests. Sections may choose to have newsletters, research workshops, speakers, and the like. Please feel free to reach out to the Sections through leadership contacts found HERE.